We guarantee our plants to be true to name and in good health when they leave the nursery.  Planting instructions will arrive with your plants or you can read about proper planting of your trees on our website here.

If upon receiving your tree, it looks stressed or unhealthy, please notify us within five days. We will coach you in how to nurture your tree back to good health. Shipped maples sometimes just need some care and a little time to acclimate to their new environment. 

If your tree fails to do well within 30 days, we will replace your same tree. If we are currently out of the plant, we will gladly offer a substitute or a replacement credit.

If you’ve ordered a maple tree that is dormant during winter or early spring and it fails to emerge from dormancy by April 15th, we will guarantee it outside of the 30-day notification period. Contact us by May 1st so we can review and assist with your order. If you experience a problem with a plant later in the growing season, let us know…we will be fair and will do our best to keep you satisfied.

It is extremely unusual that we have health issues with our trees and, if it occurs, it is typically with the smallest ones. If there is an issue with more than one tree, we feel it is most likely due to factors outside our control and not the quality of the plants.

Factors Outside Our Control:

Our guarantee does not cover plants injured by any factor outside our control, such as unseasonable weather, pest or disease damage, or improper care. Some examples of improper care include but are not limited to: poor planting, poor placement such as high wind or excessive sun exposure, over/under watering, or planting at the wrong time of year.

Damaged in Transit:

Your order will be carefully packed to ensure that you receive a healthy plant and we guarantee it will ship undamaged. If your plant arrives damaged, please contact us at Mendocino Maples Nursery.  Depending on the situation, we may or may not ask you to return the plant as a condition of receiving a replacement or refund. Photograph the plant damage and the box if damaged.

We will not honor claims that are made more than 48 hours after receipt of a plant damaged by shipping.

If you Need to have a Tree Replaced:

If you need a tree replaced, in an attempt to better understand what might have caused a problem, we may request that a customer send us an explanation of how they cared for the plant and a photo of the plant. The cost of shipping a replacement tree is not covered in our guarantee.

Customer Responsibility:

It is your responsibility to research the plants you order, whether they will be hardy in your climate, and the optimum date for you to receive them. If you are uncertain how a plant will do in your climate, contact your County Extension Agency or a good local nursery, and see what they recommend.

If you are experiencing a heat spell, it would be wise to wait until conditions cool before you place your order. Please use the most appropriate method of shipping for your climate conditions – in hot weather you want to use the quickest shipping method.