Shipping Policy

We use UPS shipping.

If you live East of the Rockies – to insure that your plants will arrive in top condition with the least amount of stress please ship 3 Day Select.  When trees are dormant in winter Ground Shipping is fine  – but shipping will take about a week.

If you live in the Western States of CA, OR, WA, and NV – use UPS Ground – it will get there faster or as fast as 3-Day Select.

We pack and ship on Mondays – cut off time for next Mondays shipment is noon on Sunday.  HOWEVER, during slower weeks, we may include orders through Sunday and early Monday morning so PLEASE notify us if you want to hold your order. The day we ship your order UPS  will notify you by email the day your order is to arrive along with a tracking number. If your order is packed and you want to cancel or change the order before it ships there will be a 30% restocking fee assessed.

Approximate Ship Time – actual time may vary.

International Shipping. 

I am sorry to say that it has proved to be quite frustrating dealing with international customs.  At this time we are no longer shipping Internationally.

Shipping Procedures

Plant orders are packed on Monday and shipped each Monday to ensure your plants arrive in good condition. We want them to reach their destination by the end of the week, so that they don’t spend the weekend in a sweltering warehouse somewhere.  To insure fast delivery – choose 3-day when shipping back East.  When plants are dormant – ground shipping – which may take up to a  week is fine.

We use a lot of care to grow what we feel are high quality plants and we want to see that they make it to their new home safely.  We will not ship while the plants are pushing in the Spring so there may be a wait of two to three weeks during this time.

To facilitate low stress during shipping, your plant will be shipped in it’s container. Since our plants are container grown it is easy to ship you plants that will arrive in great health.

Requests For Shipping Dates

While we do our best to meet your requested shipping date, plant availability and extreme hot or cold temperatures may affect the exact week your order will be shipped.  Typically, plant orders go out the following Monday after an order is received.

If you would like your shipment sent a particular week we are happy to do that. When checking out specify the ship date in the “Order notes” area.

Shipping Protection

Unfortunately, our main carrier, UPS is not willing to insure live plants, and their handling can be questionable at times. Please refer to our Guarantee page to see the details on what options are available if a plant is damaged at the hands of UPS.