Acer pseudoplatanus Puget Pink

A. pseudoplatanus. Puget Pink has a shrimp pink leaf emergence in the spring that is outstanding! Seems to be a brighter pink than Prinz Hanjery – but hard to say – both are very nice plants!  Puget Pink leaves fade to a chartruese green and settle in for the summer. Nice yellow fall color with orange following. This cultivar originated from a Seedling selected from Prinz Hanjery. We offer grafted plants from the original Puget Pink and selected seedlings that are the same as the parent. Please specify if you have to have the grafted plant (we may or may not have it).  Puget Pink will grow 12 feet in 10 years. In hot sunny areas it does best in morning Sun with shade in the afternoon.  Cold Hardy to -10 F°.


Store will open October 11th - please check back then to order.