A. japonicum Aconitifolium ‘Dancing Peacock’


The Acer japonicum Aconitifolium or Dancing Peacock has thickly dissected green leaves give this maple the general appearance that a multitude of peacocks are dancing on the limb. The Dancing Peacock is a fantastic performer in the fall as leaves display brilliant scarlet tones with oranges and giving the appearance of flames. Attractive crimson-colored seeds. Aconitifolium means finely cut leaves. This plant is also known as Maiku Jaku.

Dancing Peacock is a hardy plant that can reach 14 feet at maximum height with a spread of 10-12 feet. Prefers sun with partial shade. Best suited for zones 5-9.


A. japonicum Aconitifolium 'Dancing Peacock'
A. japonicum Aconitifolium ‘Dancing Peacock’
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